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What We Do

The Nix Organization is a privately held investment and growth firm. We partner with start-up companies in either the Angel investing round or Series-A round providing both capital and managerial investments. We work with management to pursue growth opportunities by increasing operational efficiency, improving sales and marketing efforts, as well as capital investments for expanding the reach and capabilities of these companies.

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Who We Are


Stephen Nix


Stephen holds an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science. Unlike Stanford, his degree is in a completely different field than finance and entrepreneurship, which is an asset. Stephen's expertise is people. Understanding behavioral economics and knowing the reasons of why people make decisions, is unparalleled in value.

Stephen brings the managerial know-how and the structure of advertising and marketing strategies to the Nix Organization. He has niche experience in social media campaign management for both company specific goals, as well as advertising marketing knowledge and how it relates to customer engagement and conversion cycles.

Stephen's strength is being able to build the management team of new ventures, and direct in-house strategies that promote growth in aspects far greater than only spreadsheets.

Managing Partner


Stanford Nix

Stanford holds an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance from Dallas Baptist University, as well as an MBA from Dallas Baptist University with a concentration in Finance, Entrepreneurship and Quantitative analysis.

Stanford brings the expertise of data analysis and entrepreneurial strategies to the Nix Organization. He has an incredible understanding of financial modeling and how it relates to new venture creations, especially on the finance side. Stanford's applicable knowledge of entrepreneurship and buy-side economics aids the Nix Organization in growing its portfolio and making sure subsequent investments continue their growth always, in all ways.

Stanford plays an instrumental role in new mergers and acquisitions, as well as developing the scale strategies of the Nix Organization and its related ventures.

Managing Partner

Growth, Always.

In All Ways.

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